Genocide #3

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These poems are all from Holocaust survivors. They all have meaning behind them it all has what’d you call a hidden message or reason. They were all basically prisoners of their own minds. What do you think these different poems symbolize for these people?

Genocide #2

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Just beginnig to read this I couldn’t believe what the mother had to say about her own child. During genocide lots of harsh things happened, some women were raped & eventually due to that beared children, but now all they see is sorrow in those kids. Most mothers have disgust & malicious thoughts towards their kids. Do you think they have an excuse? How would them hating their kids relate to genocide once again?

Warm Up

From my Cornell Notes I learned that real thriller stories can’t necessarily be described, instead they are recognized. The “thrills” we get while reading are one of the ways to recognize that the story is a thriller. Thriller stories always keep the reader’s attention captive and waiting for more. In my story I wanna incorporate things that will keep my reader’s mind occupied and wondering what will happen next.

“A Child Called It” 

I read this book and just by imagining everything this “mother” did to her child it made me want to find her and do the same to her. This book is very strong and emotional I rarely get so deep into a book but with this one I did to the point where I felt the poor boy’s pain and agony that I cried.
In the link above it’ll take you to a summary of the story, read it and hopefully it will motivate you to check the book out for yourself!

Video Diary.

My daily life as an Alief Early College High School student is very crazy. I wake up around 5:30 in the morning so i can be ready and at the bus stop by 6:30. My school day starts at 7:20 in the morning, if i didn’t complete all my homework the night before I get an extra chance to do so in study hall. I go through four periods a day and if necessary I stay afterschool to catch up on work. After school on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays I help my friend’s mom out by watching some kids at her house while she goes and drops others off. I am home by 3:30-4:00. I usually sit and relax and then dive into homework. I try my best to always get ahead that way there are a couple of days that I can just come home and relax. I usually stay up until atleast 12 in the morning trying to finish homework, projects, etc. Wednesdays I stay after school until 2:30 while others leave early because of my college class. I also attend a bible study at my cousin’s house so I try to have my stuff completed so that I don’t get behind. The weekends for me are dedicated to sleeping in and Sundays are church days.  I do any leftover homework and then sleeeeeeeeep!